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After a long shipping process I finally held her in my hands at the beginning of August: My Fimi X8 SE drone. About one month after the first flight I already gained some experience and bought some accessories. In this list I present my favorite accessories for consumer drones.


Carrying case


My Fimi X8 SE was delivered in a very neat and pretty cardboard box, but I wouldn't take the small drone with me on longer trips. Too big would be the danger that the drone would be damaged in cargo or luggage compartments. However, the manufacturer HSKB sells tailor-made cases with suitably cut out interiors for various makes of drone at Amazon. This is also the case for the Fimi X8 SE.



When it comes to SD cards, I've relied on SanDisk's Extreme PRO series of fast cards for years. I've always used them in SLRs and actioncams. Since most drones record in 4K with at least 30fps, you also need a fast memory card. Slower memory cards won't fit the data dimensions and your video will jerk or the recording will be completely interrupted.

Preis: EUR 27,99
Preis im Sonderangebot: EUR 27,99 EUR 21,66 Sie sparen: EUR 6,33

Drone license plate

If you want to fly a drone like the DJI Mavic Pro or the Fimi X8 SE in Germany, you have to attach a small sign with the name and address of the pilot. You can order these "license plates" at the dealer "Copterfarm" online at Amazon and personalize them with your data. Simply stick on at a suitable place and take off.

Preis: EUR 5,95
Preis im Sonderangebot: EUR 5,95 EUR 3,79 Sie sparen: EUR 2,16

Landing spot

At first I didn't realize why they needed a landing strip for the drone. Finally, I thought, I could take off and land on all flat surfaces. That's only half true, because at the latest in high grass, deep leaves, snow or in the sand you will have problems. Loose ground is whirled up, dirty drone and camera, propellers get stuck in grass and leaves. For this reason alone, a drone landing site makes sense. Many drones, including the Fimi X8 SE, use optical sensors to detect the landing site and then use it for a precise automatic approach.

I decided for a foldable landing place with a diameter of 110 cm. That sounds very big at first, but with moderate wind I was glad to have decided for the big version. The landing is much easier than having only 50 cm space available.

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