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The menu item "Redirections" is missing in the menu "Components" in the backend, although the plugin is activated. Solution of the problem in this article.

Sometimes, you have to import predefined data supplied as a list, such as personnel numbers, into a database and at the same time provide it with additional (default) values. Creating each statement manually would be very time-consuming, especially for large amounts of data. The function "concatenate" in Excel helps a lot.


If you want to access your server with installed TeamViewer Host via TeamViewer with full access rights, you might know the following problem: The user only expects a black screen and the message "this screen cannot be captured at the moment. This is due to to fast user switching or a disconnected/minimized remote desktop session". You might think the solution to this problem is in the TeamViewer settings. Most of the time far from it. The solution is to distinguish between the server ID and the user ID of the running TeamViewer.

Wer nach einem Patch oder Releasewechsel HRFORMS im Rahmen der Entgeltabrechnung starten möchte, kann möglicherweise den folgenden Fehler erfahren, sobald die Druckausgabe des Entgeltnachweises aufgerufen wird.


If you want to start HRFORMS in payroll accounting after a patch or release upgrade, you may experience the following error as soon as you call up the print output of the remuneration statement.


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