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Since mid-December we have our little "Trüffel", a French bulldog.
We love the little guy. He learns quickly, is cuddly and affectionate, but one thing really stinks to us: The little man farts the whole day and that smells extremely unpleasant.
We solved the problem with a certain food, we wanted to share this solution with you.


If you search the Internet for "french Bulldog farts", you will find an infinite number of posts in forums and videos. So we are not all alone, this breed really seems to have a little digestive problem.

Our "Trüffel" gets dry food. We chose dry food because it is good for the teeth and easier to transport and store on holiday than wet food.
Since we got our truffle at the age of 10 weeks, we naturally feed junior food for up to 12 months to young dogs. It was also important for us to feed the dog grain-free.

Although we now used supposedly high-quality food, we noticed that our truffle farts very often and that with extremely intensive, stinking flatulences.
That went so far that restaurant guests at the table next to us held their noses (no, really no exaggeration).

So we tried different kinds of food and have now found a solution that truffles like and no longer produces bad smells from the dog.

As junior food we use a soft dry food from Bosch "Bosch HPC Soft Junior Chicken and Sweet Potato". We don't know exactly why it is so digestible for our Bully-boy, it may be that it is due to the soft consistency or the stomach-friendly ingredients, but it works for us anyway.


The junior food is available in two package sizes:

There is also a soft food from Bosch for dogs over the junior age. Of course we couldn't try this yet, because our truffle still needs junior food, but we will change to the following food as soon as "Trüffel" is "grown up":

Our "Trüffel" awards 5 stars for chicken and sweet potato and we hope that you will have less problems with your farting frenchies.

By the way: If you want to know more about our "Trüffel", you can subscribe to him here on Instagram:
Here you can find our truffle puppy diary as playlist on Youtube:



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