How to find out affected Component name of a transport via GUID

Sometimes there are situations when you know that there was a change on a special Component, but you do not quite know which component specifically was affected. Such a situation can happen especially when a dialog window in WebUI doesn’t show technical information about itself. We can find out the affected component when using the transport GUIDs.


First we have a look in our Transport-Organization (Transaction SE10) and we open all nodes of our Customizing-Transport to which we want to find out the affected components.

On the bottom-most level of our tree we find the linked GUIDs. We copy them for later research:




Now we change to Table-View (Transaction SE16) of the table „BSPC_DL_XMLSTRX2“ an enter one of our GUIDs in field “CONTEXT_ID” and start the query:



The following view shows information about all the affected components of that GUID: