Install radio / mobile radio transceiver in the new Defender (2020)

To install my Yaesu FT 818 in the new Defender (from the year 2020 onwards), I became a bit creative. The solution might also be interesting for others.

I ordered a cockpit shelf from Amazon. The storage space, which is actually of no use below the center console, has always been an annoyance to me. Therefore, it was the ideal location for me to install a radio.

Since I didn’t really want to make any changes to the car itself, I decided to install it in a removable compartment. This compartment is available at a low cost on Amazon:

DIYUCAR ABS Innenliegende Mittelkonsole Box Aufbewahrungsbox Tablett Organizer für LR Defender 90 110 2020 2021 schwarzes...*
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There, I cut out the outlines of my radio in the bottom left corner.

Using a pipe wrench, I bent the left support bracket slightly outward so that it holds the radio in place on the left side.

On the right side, I removed the support bracket and instead attached a homemade angle bracket. This holds the radio in position on the right side by propping it up on the floor of the shelf.

In doing so, I naturally had to keep the cutouts for the microphone, connection, and the jack connection clear.

Additionally, I needed longer screws, in my case 10mm M2.5*.

The device now holds firmly in the mount, if worked on cleanly, and is easy to operate. The display of the radio is clearly visible, and all controls are accessible. Since the device is held in position solely by its own weight and the brackets, removal is easy. Therefore, if I want to remove my radio and operate it outside on a table in front of the car, it can be done in just a few seconds with a few simple steps.

Even my wife likes the installation, because now the hole in the center console finally has a purpose.