Labelling boxes and crates for camping, motorhome, van, offroad and boat

If you are travelling, you probably use transport boxes and storage boxes. In order to find what you are looking for quickly, it is recommended to label the boxes properly. We will show you how we did it.

In a previous article, we introduced you to different systems of transport boxes for car, motorhome, camping and off-road travel.

We ourselves rely on the Wolf Packs from Frontrunner for our off-road trips. But 8 black boxes that look the same are extremely impractical in everyday life. We constantly reach for the wrong box and only after opening one of the boxes do we realise that we have opened a clothes box instead of a cooking box.

To avoid this from happening and to make sure we reach for the right box, we have labelled our boxes. And we did this on all four sides, so that we don’t always have to turn the boxes around to see the labelling on just one of the sides.

So, do you just print out a small Dymo label saying “Cooking, cutlery, gas burner” four times? No, the small labels would be quite small, rigid in content and unintuitive.

Instead, we decided to print larger address labels (101mm x 54mm) with catchy symbols using our Dymo LabelWriter 550 *. Pictograms give us a quick overview of the contents of the boxes:

A pill symbol stands for medicines, a stylised dog for the accessories for our four-legged friends, a socket symbol for cables and chargers, a man and woman symbol stands for the clothing boxes and screwdrivers and spanners make the tool box recognisable.

Labeled from all sides, the contents of the boxes reveal themselves from all angles.
Labeled from all sides, the contents of the boxes reveal themselves from all angles.

The good thing about these thermal labels: The print is not smeared or affected by moisture and water. The labels are quite tough.

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