Set up Nikon D500 for bracketed exposure series for HDR

In this video I’ll show you how to set up the Nikon D500 to create an exposure bracket for HDR shots. We store all HDR-specific settings in a separate user setting under the photo and individual settings, so that we can quickly switch between normal workflow and HDR workflow.

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Here is the video showing the correct settings:

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And here again the menu settings in text form:

Selecting the correct operating mode

First of all we make sure that we operate the camera in mode “A“.

Photo Shooting -> Create new photo shooting menu bank for HDR

Photo Shooting Settings

  1. Change Storage folder name to HDRD5 for example – (so we have our own directory for HDR photos)
  2. Change file naming to HDR for example – (so we can distinguish HDR-photos already at the filename from “regular” photos)
  3. Picture Quality RAW
  4. Imagesize L
  5. NEF RAW, lossless compression with 14-bit
  6. ISO-Auto OFF, start at 100
  7. White balance Cloudy
  8. Active D-Lighting OFF
  9. Noise Reduction with Long Time Exposure OFF
  10. Vignetting Correction OFF
  11. Auto distortion control OFF
  12. flicker reduction OFF
  13. Auto bracketing set AE

Custom settings -> Create new custom settings bank for HDR

Custom configuration settings

  1. C – Timers/AE lock -> C3 Self-timer -> Self-timer delay 2
  2. C – Timers/AE lock -> C3 Self-timer -> Number of shots = 5
  3. Interval between shots 0.5 seconds

Enable exposure bracketing before shooting

Hold down the BKT button and use the rear dial to set 5F for exposure bracketing with 5 levels. 1.0 select for whole step size.

Switch to self-timer, and take pictures. Now 5 shots are taken automatically within the configured exposure bracket with a lead time of 2 seconds.

After the end of the HDR shooting

  1. Photo capture configuration back to standard configuration
  2. Individual configuration back to standard configuration
  3. Hold down the BKT button and use the rear mode dial to set 0F for deactivated bracketing.

How to develop the HDR photo / Which Software to use

As a software for HDR merging I use Aurora HDR 2019.
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My first choice as a Lightroom alternative

I’m gonna do some advertising. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of image editing software for months, comparing a lot, testing a lot and finally choosing RAW developer and Lightroom alternative Luminar 3.

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Luminar 3 recommendation

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