Anyone unpacking the Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus for the first time will notice that the device does not come with a power cable or power adapter and cannot be used with all USB chargers. I’ll show you which power supplies and cables really work.

The Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus can be powered via PoE via the Ethernet interface. For this reason, no power supply unit is supplied with the device from the factory.
But not every buyer really wants to supply the device with power via PoE and some would therefore like to fall back on the regular power supply via the integrated USB-C socket.

But the connected charger needs certain specifications, otherwise the device complains on the display about “Bad USB-C Power” and refuses its service.

According to the manufacturer the following requirements are placed on a USB power supply: “Standard 802.3af PoE; Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 power adapter (9VDC, 2A)”.

I myself successfully use the following power supply and cables to ensure smooth operation:

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