Zoom H2n as an external microphone on the DSLR

With the right settings, Zoom’s portable recorders can be used as an external microphone to DSLR and system camera. The unit can be attached to the camera using a hot shoe adapter.


Integrated microphones often have their weak points

The microphones used in SLR cameras or system cameras are often not necessarily the best of breed. The dynamic range and the clarity often fail us, because the microphone is placed too far away from the sound source, and in the worst case the built-in microphone also captures camera noises, such as focus buzzing.

That’s why I bought a Zoom H2n recorder some time ago, which I now use to record speech and motion sounds.
The recorder has high-resolution microphones and an SD card slot where the sound recordings are stored. I am amazed by the sound quality!

Zoom H2N Handy Recorder*
  • Handy Recorder
  • Fünf eingebaute Mikrofone und vier Aufnahmemodi


Using the recorder as an external microphone on the DSLR

One day I was sitting in the office editing one of my videos. I muted the sound track of the camera and instead placed the sound track of the recorder under the video. The idea came to me to save this step in the future if I would only use an external microphone on my Nikon D500 (Amazon Affiliate Link). I thought for a moment whether I had a suitable microphone lying around and at that moment I thought that I might also be able to use my Zoom Recorder “H2n” as a microphone.

The “Zoom H2n” recorder only has to permanently output the recorded noise via the headphone socket. Therefore we go to the menu of the recorder under the following path: Input -> Monitor -> ALWAYS ON

All you need now is a 3.5mm jack cable with two angled plugs to connect the headphone jack of the recorder to the microphone jack of the DSLR.

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It is also important that we first level the “Zoom H2n” manually and then level the camera manually.
From now on our DSLR video recordings get a clean audio signal from the mobile “Zoom H2n” recorder.


Attaching the recorder to a camera with a flash shoe adapter

The Zoom H2n recorder has a 1/4-inch thread on the bottom. If you buy a flash shoe to 1/4-inch adapter, you can mount the Zoom Recorder on your camera.

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