If you want to start HRFORMS in payroll accounting after a patch or release upgrade, you may experience the following error as soon as you call up the print output of the remuneration statement.


ABAP Programm CL_INFOSTAR_HRF02=============CP

The reason for this is that the HRFORMS used are probably not yet activated, even if they are already activated in the system according to the display.

To activate HRFORMS, we use transaction HRFORMS.

If the form is already active in the list, we choose the menu path “Utilities / Activate forms”.
If the form is still inactive in the list, we select the required form and choose the menu path “Form / Activate”.

Bypass missing authorization to activate HRFORMS
If you do not have authorization to activate HRFORMS using the transaction of the same name, you can also activate it using TX SA38 -> HR99HRF_GENERATE.