This class generates lottery numbers and reads them into an array.
The values contained in the array are then sorted in ascending order.

In the meantime, I’ve been raging like a lunatic on the living room table 🙂 I followed the wrong approach for 4 hours and then moved on to first reading in, then sorting out. Now it works.

[code]public class LotterynumberenArraySortierung {

public static void main(String[] args) {

// TODO Auto-generated method stub

boolean[] drawnball;

int[] lotterynumbers;

int randomnumber;

int swap;

lotterynumbers= new int[6];

drawnball= new boolean[49];

//Assignment of values to the array

for ( int i =0; i < lotterynumbers.length; i ++){

if (i==0){

randomnumber=(int) (Math.random()*49+1);




randomnumber=(int) (Math.random()*49+1);

while (drawnball[randomnumber-1]==true){

randomnumber=(int) (Math.random()*49+1);



lotterynumbers[i] = randomnumber;


//Sort the values within the array using a bubble sort-like method

for (int i=0; i < lotterynumbers.length-1; i=i+1) 

 for (int c=lotterynumbers.length-1; c > i; c=c-1) 

 if (lotterynumbers[c-1] > lotterynumbers[c]) 



 //The number to be swapped is temporarily stored under the variable swap to free its space.

 swap = lotterynumbers[c-1]; 


 //Old number is exchanged for new one

 lotterynumbers[c-1] = lotterynumbers[c]; 


 //swap is used at the rear

 lotterynumbers[c] = swap; 


// Output of contents

for ( int i =0; i <= 5; i ++){

System.out.println("Lotterynumber " + (i+1) + " ist: " + lotterynumbers[i]);