Adapter for all common water taps for camping and camper vans

Anyone travelling with a motorhome knows the problem: there are different taps on almost every campsite. If you want to use your own hose, you will need the right screw adapter. In this article I present you my faucet adapters, with which you can find connections for fresh water refuelling all over Europe.



Gardena adapter for all common water hoses – find a connection throughout Europe

If you travel abroad a lot, you know the problem: sometimes you will find a faucet with 1/4 inch thread, sometimes with 3/4 inch thread. So that you can find a connection everywhere with your Gardena flat hose, you will need these adapters. It is best to get a small Tupperdose for storage and store the adapters near your water hose.

Special offer
Gardena Profi-System-Hahnstück: Hahnverbinder Für Wasserhähne Mit 26,5 Mm (G 3/4 Zoll)-Gewinde, Hahnanschluss Für Höheren...*
  • Perfekter Anschluss: Das Hahnstück funktioniert bei allen Wasserhähnen mit 26,5 mm (G 34 Zoll)-Gewinde.Dieses Profi-System passt...
  • Einfache Handhabung: Das Gardena Profi-System Hahnstück wird einfach auf den Hahn geschraubt
Gardena Profi-System-Hahnstück: Hahnverbinder für Wasserhähne mit 33,3 mm (G 1 Zoll)-Gewinde, Hahnanschluss für höheren...*
  • Perfekter Anschluss: Das Hahnstück funktioniert bei allen Wasserhähnen mit 33,3 mm (G 1 Zoll)-Gewinde
  • Für Ihr Profi-System: Das Hahnstück ist der ideale Hahnanschluss für andere Gardena Profi-System-Teile


Another tip to save space: 20m Gardena roll hose / flat hose

It is simply practical and hygienic to have your own water hose to take fresh water with you. The only problem is that a long hose takes up a lot of valuable space and is very heavy. Remaining water in the hose additionally increases the weight and can leak into the motorhome storage space. With this flat hose this is no longer a problem. It weighs only approx. 2 kg and can be stowed away super space-savingly. I personally have two of these hoses with me and can extend them to 40m by plugging them together. So I can reach a water tap on almost every camping site without any problems.

Gardena Classic roll-fix Flachschlauch 20 mit Kassette: Platzsparende Schlauchkassette mit Wasserschlauch (Ø 12 mm in Kassette),...*
  • Ideal für Unterwegs: Das leichte Gewicht und das kompakte Gehäuse machen die Tragekassette mit Flachschlauch zum Begleiter beim...
  • Sofort Einsatzbereit: Der Flachschlauch ist mit allen nötigen Original Gardena Systemteilen und einer Spritze ausgestattet und somit...

Another tip for all motorhome drivers on the subject of hoses: Never use the hose attached to disposal stations to fill up your water tank, but never really do. Most likely, somebody has put it in his shit tank before.


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