Free tool to read the shuttercount of Canon EOS cameras on your Mac

The Internet offers a lot of programs, which can read the Shuttercount of Canon EOS DSLRs free of charge. If you take a closer look, most of them don’t work, or still demand money for the full range of functions. But there is a simple free tool for this job.

Link to download “FreeShutterCounter”:

Ihre Daten werden erst beim Abspielen des Youtube-Videos an den Dienst übermittelt. Your data will only be transmitted to the service when you play the Youtube video.

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My first choice as a Lightroom alternative

I’m gonna do some advertising. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of image editing software for months, comparing a lot, testing a lot and finally choosing RAW developer and Lightroom alternative Luminar 3.

Have a look and try the free trial version. Just click on the banner:

Luminar 3 recommendation

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