In autumn, arachnids are attracted to our warm apartments, because it is slowly getting cold outside. If you don’t like to have your eight-legged friends as roommates, you can use a remedy from water sports: The anti-spider agent actually keeps spiders away from masts on boats, but it also works on windows and doors. The contained odorous substances stop the annoying crawling critters from coming into our living rooms.

I became aware of Yachticon’s anti-spider product (Amazon Affiliate Link) through water sports. Here, cobwebs in the high masts of sailing yachts are a real nuisance and a big mess, especially if they stain your clothes.

Later I found out that with the help of Yachticon’s anti-spider spray (Amazon Affiliate Link) spiders can be kept away from surveillance cameras very well. Too often in autumn, cameras are covered by spider webs and taken out of action.

But the spray can also defend houses and apartments against the crawling creatures. When applied to window niches and doors, the product emits a smell that spiders avoid, but which we humans do not perceive.

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