Hands-on: Using a mouse within RDP sessions from iPad

Since iOS 13.4 Apple allows the use of Bluetooth mice on the iPad. Can we use a mouse connected to iPad within Microsofts Remote Desktop App for iPad to control a remote system? In this article we will find out.

No difference to the session from Mac or PC

To answer the question of how well an RDP session can be operated with the mouse from the iPad, I set the bar quite high. I expect Microsoft’s Remote Desktop App for iPad with mouse support to work so well that I can perform remote maintenance on Windows operating systems from the iPad at any time and have exactly the same functionality as if I were initiating the sessions from the Mac or Windows PC.

And indeed, I was surprised. The mouse support works great and the whole user experience is as good as the PC version.

You can get a better impression of the operation in this video:

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