Lightweight but safe: Mavic Pro 2 drone Transportation during trekking and backpacking

Those who are on the way as backpackers or hikers are happy about every gram that they do not have to carry. But how do we transport a video drone like the Mavic 2 Pro without sacrificing too much storage space and weight?

There is usually no room in the backpack for large suitcases, and if there is, one would not like to sacrifice 2-3 kilos of carrying weight for the transport of a bulky drone suitcase. In addition, a large hard-shell transport case is often unnecessary, since the backpack as the outer packaging of the drone already offers enough protection.

At the very beginning I actually took a B&W hard case (Amazon Affiliate Link) in my backpack on hikes. What might still work on a one-day hike, however, quickly becomes a thorn in our side, at the latest when walking for several days. So I quickly switched to a lighter foam suitcase (Amazon Affiliate Link). It still didn’t make me really happy, because this second suitcase took too much space as well, especially if you have a complete photo equipment with you on top.

another problem: On flights I could not transport the batteries of the drone in these suitcases. If the drone batteries were previously stored in a fireproof safe bag for the transport of batteries on air travel (Amazon Affiliate Link), they would no longer fit into the foam recesses of the suitcases. An alternative was needed.

In the end I decided to pack only the drone itself and the remote control in a separate case. After all, the drone and remote control are the most fragile and expensive parts, and charging cables and batteries hardly need any protection against mechanical impact.

Tineer Tragetasche Lagerung Drone Body und Fernbedienung Sender Tasche Zubehör für DJI Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro Drone*
  • Drone und Fernbedienung Tragetasche Lagerung speziell für DJI Mavic 2 Zoom / Pro Fernbedienung und Drohne Zubehör entwickelt.
  • Integral geformte Innenhalterung mit präziser Aussparung für effektiven Schutz, sehr gut geeignet für DJI mavic 2 Drohne und...

I therefore decided on two transport cases from Tineer (Amazon Affiliate Link). I already knew this brand because I once owned a case for the GoPro from this manufacturer. The two cases hold the drone itself and the remote control. It was important to me that the remote control fits into the case control with the sticks attached, because I really didn’t want to have to screw the sticks on again before every flight.

Whether the two cases are really waterproof, as stated by the manufacturer, I strongly doubt. But I am sure that they can withstand heavy rain and short term water jets. That’s enough protection from water for me.

Both cases have a loop with which the cases can be fastened to the straps of the backpack with the snap hook included. This is very practical if you want to take several shots in one place, but don’t want to put the drone back into the backpack every time.

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I transport the batteries in the fire- and explosion-proof safe bags already mentioned, which are required for air travel anyway. These safebags protect the batteries from damage and at the same time prevent extremely high or low temperatures from damaging the battery. This is especially useful when you are travelling in cold areas and the battery would otherwise cool down too much to be used for flying without preheating.

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