Matching power supply and power supply for LED letters lightbox

You got yourself a LED light box with letters in cinema style. Unfortunately, the batteries are always empty, but a power supply is not included in the Lightbox. Which power supply is cheap and compatible and where can I get it?


Leuchtbox Kino LED Buchstaben Box Leuchtkasten



We also have a lightbox with our first name and the name of our dog in the living room. Unfortunately the batteries don’t last very long. Even more annoying is the fact that every time the battery is changed the letters fall out of the case and have to be re-sorted. However, I noticed that our lightbox has a socket on the side for the power supply via power supply unit, even if this was not included in the scope of delivery. So I searched for suitable power supplies, so that the annoying changing of the batteries is a thing of the past. I found the cheapest power supply for the LED lightbox at Amazon.


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The power supply unit is a universal power supply unit with various plugs for replacement. The scope of delivery also includes the matching plug for connection to the letter lightbox. This fits perfectly into the connection of the lightbox. The included, suitable exchange plug can be simply plugged into the cable of the power supply unit. Here nobody needs soldering or special knowledge of electronics.

However, you should remove any batteries that may be present in the device before using the power supply unit for the first time.


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