Nikon D7500, D850 and D5600 after firmware update 1.10 with fully functional WiFi

Nikon has released the firmware update of version 1.10 for the cameras D7500, D850 and D5600. Nikon users of D7500, D850 and D5600 now receive the long-awaited open Wi-Fi, with which now also connections to other devices than only the SnapBridge app are possible.

After Nikon recently published Firmware 1.20 for the D500 with fully functional WiFi (you can find my post about that here), these new functions are now also coming to the above mentioned cameras.

After the camera has been updated to the new firmware, we can find the data of the WiFi network that the D7500, D850 or D5600 is using in the menu under “System” “Wi-Fi” “Establish Wi-Fi connection”. With this data, we can now dial into the camera’s network using a PC, Mac or mobile device and then remotely control it using any software such as “qdslrdashboard” or “ControlMyCamera”.

The new firmware for D7500 1.10 is available at this link:

The new firmware for D850 1.10 is available at this link:

The new firmware for D5600 1.10 is available at this link:

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See the new Wi-Fi functions in a video:

Further links to software for remote controlling your D7500, D850 or D5600

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