Reverse Cloudflare activation and deployment

If the switch to Cloudflare was not successful, the switch to the CDN provider can be easily undone to return to the original state.

Return to the original state

1. Resetting the DNS configuration of the hosting server

To enable Cloudflare, we had to change the DNS settings of our domain to Cloudflare’s name servers. We have to undo this change so that our domain works with the old DNS settings again.

Now we have to wait. It can take up to 24 hours until the DNS settings are distributed worldwide and all servers access our own server again when calling our domain and no longer look for the data at Cloudflare.

With an online DNS lookup we can check if the Cloudflare nameservers we don’t want are still stored for our domain, or if our old ones are again.

2. Deleting the page from Cloudflare

Actually, the first step should be enough. After changing the DNS records, we can completely delete our site from Cloudflare.