The ultimate transport case for the DJI Mavic 2: waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant

I have been looking for a waterproof and stable case for the Mavic 2 Pro for a long time. It was important to me that the case, with all its stability and waterproofness, has quite small packing dimensions and the lowest possible dead weight, so that I can take the case in my backpack on backpacking tours.

One thing I found out: Really light and small, waterproof and dustproof transport cases for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro (Amazon Affiliate Link) are rare. So, if you put your absolute focus on the lightness of your equipment, you are better off with a pure foam case.

But since the protection of my drone was so important to me that I didn’t want to go on tour without IP67 certification and indestructible design, I had to look for the smallest and lightest case in this class.

“Take me to Mount Everest”

I found what I was looking for in the so-called “outdoor.cases” from the case specialists at B&W (Amazon Affiliate Link). These were specially developed for the toughest outdoor use and that’s how they look like. The design of the case with its blue/black hard foam inlay in the case bottom says: “Take me with you to Mount Everest” and the other certifications according to STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 and ATA 300 speak for such a trip.

The case itself weighs 2 kg and offers a volume of 11.7 l with an external dimension of 330 x 235 x 150 mm. So the case fits just about into my backpack. Due to the automatic pressure equalization valve on the front side, the case can be taken along on flights without any problems. The valve is designed to let air in while keeping water out before it enters. Without this valve, there would be a risk that the case would explode or implode due to its tightness during take-off or landing.

According to the manufacturer, the materials of the case are temperature stable from -30°C to +80°C. And speaking of extreme cold: The specially developed snap locks ensure a firm closure and offer easy and quick opening of the case even with cold fingers. “Snap.”

Space for the complete Fly More package

The type 3000 with DJI Mavic 2 inlay (Amazon Affiliate Link) I chose has room for your DJI Mavic 2 Pro (Amazon Affiliate Link) or DJI Mavic 2 Zoom plus other accessories. Besides the Mavic 2 itself, the Fly More Kit with up to 4 batteries and (car) chargers, as well as 4 ND filters (Amazon Affiliate Link) find their place in the case. Thanks to a lid pocket, we can easily carry documents such as a drone insurance or maps.

In my opinion the perfect case for the Mavic 2 Pro containing the complete Fly More Package and Macbook

The battery compartment is designed in such a way that the batteries can be removed or inserted despite the inserted transport lock. Furthermore, the case solution offers the possibility to charge the batteries directly in the case. For this purpose, the charging cable can be led along the bottom of the case and the charger can be left in the case during the charging process. When charging the batteries, however, the case must remain open to avoid heat accumulation. This eliminates the need to constantly unpack and repack all components for maintenance and charging.

Video presentation of the case

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