Vote for a people picker function for Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a great tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. It allows users to quickly create and distribute forms and collect responses in real-time. However, one of the drawbacks of Microsoft Forms is the lack of a person picker feature. Currently, users have to manually type in the email addresses of the people they want to share their form with, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Fortunately, there is an open feature request on Microsoft’s User Voice forum to add a person picker function to Microsoft Forms. This feature would allow users to select the people they want to share their form with from a list of contacts, rather than having to manually type in each email address. This would make the process much more user-friendly and efficient, especially for users who need to share their forms with a large number of people.

Person Picker for Microsoft Forms feature request
A person picker with search-as-you-type search as we know it from MS Teams would be a great benefit for Forms

The person picker feature would also be beneficial for users who are creating forms with sensitive information or confidential data. With the person picker, users can easily control who has access to their forms, without the risk of typos or accidental sharing.

It is important to note that Microsoft actively listens to the feedback from its users and has a history of implementing new features based on user requests. By voting for the person picker feature on Microsoft’s User Voice forum, users can help prioritize this feature and make it a reality.

Here is where to vote for it:

To vote for the person picker feature, simply visit the Microsoft Forms User Voice forum and search for the feature request. Once you find it, click on the “Vote” button and add any comments or suggestions you may have. Sharing the feature request with colleagues or on social media can also help garner more votes and increase the likelihood of it being implemented.

In conclusion, the person picker feature would be a valuable addition to Microsoft Forms, making it easier and more efficient for users to share their forms with others. By voting for the feature request, users can help Microsoft prioritize this feature and make it a reality.