Anyone who frequently uses multiple devices at work or at home, such as tablets, notebooks or PCs at the same time, will greatly appreciate the new MX Keys from Logitech *. The device can be connected to three devices at the same time, and keys on the keyboard can be used to select which device is used for input.

I was amazed when I used an MX Keys from Logitech * for the first time at work. I connected the device to my tablet and two PCs via Bluetooth, and using the quick keys on the keyboard, I can directly select which of the devices I want to use for text input. Switching between the devices is done within milliseconds without me having to constantly re-pair a device.

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Logitech: MX Keys Tastatur, Deutsches QWERTZ-Layout*
  • Tasten mit perfektem Anschlag: Die kreisförmigen konkaven Tasten sind auf Ihre Fingerkuppen zugeschnitten, für ein durchgehend...

This makes for a tidy desk and high ease of use. I use this keyboard on the iPad or iPhone, for example, or alternately with my Windows computer and MacBook. Another benefit: The keyboard has a high-quality white backlight, as known from the MacBook or other high-end notebooks. The feel and feedback of the keys are very pleasant, but that is certainly a matter of taste.

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