Yahka Adapter sporadically without connection – No devices found

After moving my ioBroker from the Raspberry to a new Synology NAS, I noticed that my Homekit devices refused to work in the evening. The devices were no longer accessible in the Home App. Every evening I had to restart the Yahka adapter.

In the analysis, I found that the adapter always failed between 22:00 and 23:00. However, there were no entries in the log, even with Verbose setting. After restarting the Yahka adapter, everything worked as usual again – until the next crash.

I had moved my ioBroker installation including the Yahka adapter from the Raspberry Pi to a Docker container on the Synology NAS a few weeks earlier. I had created a backup with Backitup and then restored it in the Docker container.

In the directory /iobroker_data/iobroker-data/yahka.0.hapdata I noticed that there were four files in this directory instead of the usual two files “AccessoryInfo” and “IdentifierCache”. According to the last modification date, the two superfluous files probably still came from the old installation.

Too many files in the adapter folder.

I deleted all four files and restarted the Yahka adapter. The two legitimate files were created again. The problem did not occur again since then.