Anyone who has ever tried to fly a drone at temperatures around -10 degrees or to operate the camera for a longer period of time will have noticed that the cold can hurt the fingertips terribly and that the fun of the hobby is quickly lost. Normal gloves are usually too thick and imprecise for such delicate controls as cameras or remote controls. Special photographic gloves provide a remedy.

The photo gloves from PGYTECH (and Amazon affiliate link) help us to operate our drone or our photo camera even in icy temperatures.

The gloves keep the hands warm, also allow the operation of delicate controls such as joystick or small buttons and also touchscreens. If necessary, the fingertips can also be exposed through a flap, should this be necessary.

By the way, PGYTECH is the only accessory manufacturer that is certified by DJI.

PGYTECH wasserdichte Winterhandschuhe, 3M Thinsulate Ski & Snowboard Handschuhe für Mavic Mini 2/Mavic Air 2/Mavic 2 (L), Schwarz*
  • PGYTECH-Fotohandschuhe wurden für Outdoor-Sportarten, Aufnahmen in kalten Zonen oder Drohnenflügen unter rauen Bedingungen entwickelt...
  • Das Fäustling-Design (leitfähige Kappe, effektive Bildschirmberührung) bietet ein komfortableres Erlebnis bei der Bedienung...