Native support for Spotify on Apple Homepod

Apple allows to set third party streaming services as default on Homepod. But spotify just doesn‘t care to implement this function – although 2651 votes from customers requested native support. Go vote!

As of today, 10th February 2021, 2651 spotify customers requested a feature called „{iOS} Implement Native HomePod Support“.

But spotify doesn‘t care and does – nothing. First Spotify blamed this on Apple, but in the meantime since WWDC in June `20 Apple has opened the HomePod for third party streaming services like Spotify. The streaming service Pandora is since available on HomePod for example.

If you are missing to control Spotify on HomePod natively with Siri, just like you would control Apple Music, here is your chance. Make them hear our voices!

1. Visit the feature request page for native support of HomePod.
2. Login with your Spotify account.
3. Click on the gear or cog wheel icon to setup a forum username.
4. Go back to that feature request site and VOTE for this feature (attention, you can‘t vote without having a username, see step 3).

I personally also left them a comment, you might want to copy it:

Apple allows this to work. Spotify doesn‘t care. That is the problem.
Ignoring this feature request further on will bring me to cancel my Spotify subscription and changing to Apple Music.
For me there has never been a reason to do so, but now there is.