Philips Hue light is not found in Bridge – Reset!

In February I ordered two new light strips for studio lighting. While one strip was found by the Hue Bridge without any problems, the second one caused trouble. No matter how long I searched for new lamps, the Bridge did not find the new LED strip. By coincidence I discovered how to fix the problem.

Whether in the next room, or in direct proximity of my Philips Hue Bridge, for the first time a new Light Stripe was not found by my Bridge. I had never experienced anything like it before.

The Light Stripe does not offer the possibility to do a reset on the lamp, because there is neither switch nor button on the device. I was about to put the device back into the box and send it back when I remembered a hardware reset of another Chinese manufacturer for LED lights. So I gave that foreign procedure a try.

On – Off – On – Off – On – Off… 20x

I plugged the Lightstripe into a switchable socket strip to be able to quickly connect and disconnect the power supply without much effort.

Now I switched on the Light Stripe and immediately after the LED strip lights up, I switched it off again. After about one second I switched the strip on again. I repeated this procedure about 20 times.

This procedure is described nowhere, and Google has also not produced any entries about such a procedure for Philips Hue lamps. But in my case this helped and after this procedure the Light Stripe appeared immediately in the Hue app.

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Even at the risk that it was a coincidence, I would like to publish this procedure so that other users can also benefit from my solution.

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