Those who use the FTZ adapter on the Nikon Z may have difficulties using the camera in the usual carrying systems and tripods. If you still want to quickly attach the camera somewhere when alternately using the FTZ adapter and Z lenses, these tricks provide a way to mount the adapter plate on the camera.

L-bracket or camera cage increase the distance between camera base and FTZ adapter underside

The main problem is that the underside of the FTZ adapter extends beyond the underside of the camera. This means that I may no longer be able to slide an adapter plate mounted on the Z into tripod or carrying system mounts without problems, because the tripod or carrying system collides with the protrusion of the FTZ adapter.

If you now mount a camera cage or an L-bracket under the camera, you artificially extend the camera housing downward. In other words, the distance between the bottom of the camera and the bottom of the FTZ adapter increases and the adapter plate can be inserted as usual.

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Example: I use the Capture Clip v3 carrying system from Peak Design (Amazon affiliate link) because it allows me to insert the camera directly from the strap into an Arca-compatible tripod. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work with the FTZ adapter on. So I ordered a camera cage from Smallrig (Amazon affiliate link). Under this I put the adapter plate of the Capture Clip. Problem solved.

If you don’t need a cage that runs completely around the camera, you’ll find a narrower option specifically for Nikon Z6 (II) and Z7 (II) in the form of the “Zelda” L-Bracket from 3 Legged Thing (Amazon Affiliate Link). As I found out in a test, the Ellie (PD) bracket also fits the Z series cameras perfectly.

3 Legged Thing Zelda Schnellwechselwinkel für Nikon Z 6 und Z 7, kompatibel mit Arca, kupferfarben*
  • Der Schnellwechselwinkel Zelda wurde vom Hersteller 3 Legged Thing in Kooperation mit Nikon entwickelt und ist passgenau für die...
  • Perfekt für den schnellen Wechsel zwischen Quer- und Hochformat.

Using the FTZ Adapter with Peak Design Capture Clip on Nikon Z cameras

If you’re looking for an even more integrated solution when using the Peak Design Capture Clip (Amazon Affiliate Link), the “Ellie PD” L-bracket from “3 Legged Thing” (Amazon Affiliate Link) is an L-bracket that comes right along with a permanently attached Capture Clip-compatible adapter plate. Ingenious.

3 Legged Thing Ellie-PD-C Universeller Schnellwechselwinkel, Peak Design Capture-kompatibel - Kupfer (Orange)*
  • universeller peak-design-kompatibler schnellwechselwinkel für spiegellose und dslr-kameras
  • zwei unterschiedliche gewinde-slots für optimale ausrichtung der kamera

Other advantages of camera cage or L-bracket

Of course, this makes the camera slightly heavier or larger. But that doesn’t make a big difference, and the other advantages of an L-angle or camera cage cannot be denied:

  • Attachment possibility for microphones, lights, displays especially in the video range
  • Protection of the housing
  • Easier and more flexible use in tripod heads
  • Fast switching between landscape/portrait orientation