Which alternative controllers can control Osram Lightify lights?

Osram will switch off the Lightify Cloud from August 21, 2021. Anyone who has controlled their Lightify luminaires via the Lightify App until then will now lose this option. However, the hardware, such as lamps and luminaires, can still be used with other controllers. Here is the ultimate list of alternative controllers.

Now you don’t have to start panicking and replace all your Lightify lights with lamps from other manufacturers. Until August 21, 2021, the Osram Ligtify apps will still work as usual. After that you can still control the hardware with controllers of other brands that also use the Zigbee protocol for device communication. Here is the ultimate list of usable controllers and bridges

Solution # 1: Philips Hue Bridge

The Philips Hue system is the top seller in Europe for smart lighting solutions. Hardware and lamps are slightly more expensive than in the Lightify ecosystem, but the system is robust and mature. Pairing processes work right away, creating scenes is a breeze and integration with Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Home, Homematic, io.Broker and other smart home systems is guaranteed across the board. Your Osram-Lightify lights can be easily connected to the Philips Hue-Bridge (Amazon Affiliate Link) via the Zigbee protocol and operated from the Hue App. In my opinion, the advantage of the Philips Hue system is obvious: It is the market leader with an established solution. The danger that you switch now and then will be left empty-handed again, is the least. None of the following other solutions have this advantage.

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Solution #2: Integrated Zigbee Hub in Amazon Echo-devices

Amazon’s echo devices with the integrated voice assistant “Alexa” can also be used directly as Zigbee controllers. You simply learn your Lightify lights to the Echo and can control them by voice from now on. If you don’t like to give voice commands you can also use the devices as usual via the Alexa app. The direct control of Zigbee lights is possible with all Echo devices that have the integrated smart home hub, for example with the second generation Echo Plus (Amazon Affiliate Link).

Echo Plus (2. Gen.), mit Premiumklang und integriertem Smart Home-Hub, Anthrazit Stoff*
  • Echo Plus hat einen integrierten Zigbee-Hub, mit dem kompatible Smart Home-Geräte ganz einfach eingerichtet und gesteuert werden...
  • Neue hochwertige Lautsprecher mit Dolby-Verarbeitung erfüllen den Raum mit purem 360-Grad-Klang mit klaren Höhen und dynamischen...

Solution #3: Samsung SmartThings Hub V3

“SmartThings” is a smarthome platform that is quite popular in the USA. Some time ago the platform was taken over by Samsung. In the European area the product is not very widespread, but is gaining more and more users. I myself have no experience with the system, but I think it is an alternative, especially in the USA and UK, which should be kept in mind.

Samsung GP-U999SJVLGSB SmartThings Hub V3*
  • Überwachung und Steuerung verbundener Geräte via SmartThings App¹
  • Erhalten von Benachrichtigungen bei Statusänderungen der verbundenen Sensoren

Solution #4: “homee” smarthome gateway with Zigbee-Extension

“homee” is a modular smarthome system with web interface and app access The system can be extended with various “function cubes” (Amazon Affiliate Link) and thus also use the Zigbee protocol as a gateway. This also allows the Osram Lightify lights to be taught-in. However, the system is relatively new and the complete base station (Amazon Affiliate Link) is quite expensive. It remains to be seen how the system will establish itself, I see a little bit the danger of “betting on a dead horse” again when changing over.

For the price of “homee” you can already migrate to other, more mature Pro-systems like Homematic (Amazon Affiliate Link).

homee Smart Home Starter-Set mit Zentrale und Zigbee Cube - Steuerung per App - Sprachsteuerung mit Alexa und Google - Siri...*
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